A sexy story from a hopeful future. Furry and very posthuman. 

Part one of a planned three overall--this page will update as more content is available! 


  • Sexual situations (with consent)
  • Direct descriptions of genitals (Player's choice)
  • Asexual cuddling
  • Synthetic bodies
  • Good toys
  • Kobolds
  • Queer as fuck

5-13-18: Update!  Session 2 isn't finished yet, but I reworked Session 1 to give a player the choice of the Toy's funbits as well! Meaning there's now three times as many interactions, and it is now MOAR GAY! Enjoy!    -Em

Future updates will ideally include:

  • Session 2 (BDSM)
  • Session 3 (virtual reality pleasures)
  • A very expanded secondary thread continuing the branch from part 1


Beautiful Artifice - Part 1 169 kB

Development log


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Pretty good so far!